Project 2021 is a resistance campaign to showcase original work by artists as they process the world in today's political climate. We also raise money for causes we think are really important.   

Since we began outreach in January 2017, we have received over 75 posters from designers, artists, illustrators, and photographers worldwide. Posters are for sale on Project2021.com with net proceeds donated to causes compromised by the Trump administration. 

Where does my money go?

Posters are sold for $30 per print + sales tax and shipping. About a third of the poster price will cover print production and Project 2021 operational costs. The remaining money will be donated to the charity of artist’s choice. Let us be clear - we take no salary and seek no profit. Check our tax returns.

Speaking of... do I get a tax break?

Sadly, no. Customers will not receive a charitable tax deduction since Project 2021 is not registered as a not for profit organization. Instead, we act as a conduit for charitable donations. If this changes, we'll let you know! 

Who's behind Project 2021?

Project 2021 was conceived of in the wake of the 2016 election by Sarah Olin and Elizabeth Ray.  Sarah, a design director at Conde Nast, and Elizabeth, a strategy vp in tech, met as graphic design majors at American University in D.C., and now live in NYC.

And what about the prints?

Prints are 11x14" high-quality Epson prints on matte stock. Each is printed and shipped to order by A2A Studios in Stamford, Connecticut. If you live within the continental US, expect for your package to arrive within 3-5 business days. If you live outside the continental US, delivery time will vary. 

Any other questions? Reach out to info@project2021.com